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Technology for Transparent Cold Storage

While you may be confident about your traceability system, research reveals that only 22% of customers have complete trust in food safety! If you operate a cold storage facility, freezer warehouse, or participate in the cold chain in any way, this video presents some interesting data.

Today’s complex refrigerated supply chains can leave a lot of room for costly errors. That’s one reason that 7 out of 10 customers cite food safety as their top concern when purchasing products!

The consequences of poor traceability can include:

  • missed compliance
  • fees
  • cross-contamination
  • spoilage
  • recalls

CSSI Technologies brings you the tools you need for the transparent cold storage warehouse and cold supply chain. We sell and support mobile computers and rugged scanners with a higher operational temperature range, freezer-grade screens, and ergonomic and glove-friendly form factors for employee comfort and productivity.

For more detailed information on cold chain food safety, check out the Food Safety Supply Chain Vision Guide.

To learn more about how CSSI can assist you in creating transparent cold storage in your operations, please contact us today.

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