Enhance your warehouse productivity with powered carts
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One of the most critical steps in improving warehouse productivity is identifying and eliminating waste. One common area where waste typically exists can often be overlooked because “that’s the way it’s always been”: travel waste. We describe travel waste as non-value added footsteps taken by your employees in the course of doing their job. Often, we find that travel waste exists as employees make trips back and forth to the shipping office label printer to get pick lists, packing lists, and shipping labels.

It’s easy to not see this as waste because employees are so used to working this way. In fact, eliminating travel waste produces immediate benefits to the organization — greater output per employee, reduced overtime, improvement in shipment volume, and so on.

When seeking to improve warehouse productivity, there is often a direct relationship between the introduction of powered carts and reduced operating costs

This graphic demonstrates the dramatic reduction in travel waste which can be attained by moving printers to the point of use:

Powered carts reduce wasted travel and improve team efficiency

CSSI is pleased to represent the line of robust powered carts offered by Newcastle Systems. Newcastle carts are highly configurable, and feature a powerful, swappable lithium battery.

Mobile printer carts

Typical mobile workstation benefits:

  • Powered carts can reduce dock to stock cycle time by 50% or more
  • Carts reduce motion, touches, and paperwork
  • Carts improve inventory accuracy, and create better workflows… and happier, less fatigued workers

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