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Welcome guests with our visitor management system that integrates seamlessly with video security and access control

Verkada Guest Simplifies Visitor Management While Improving Security

Does your business rely on paper visitor logs or clunky outdated guest check-in software? Now you can streamline and modernize your visitor experience with an easy-to-implement but powerful software solution — Verkada Guest strengthens your security while simplifying your management of visitors! You can try Verkada Guest for free for 30 days! Contact CSSI to arrange your trial.

Is it time to modernize your guest check-in experience?

Verkada Guest creates a seamless check-in experience which allows you to greet customers with your branding, and make them feel welcome from the minute they enter your facility. It is a streamlined visitor management solution which can be managed remotely. Best of all, it integrates with Verkada video surveillance and access control solutions to create an incredibly modern approach to visitor management.

No complicated installs — easy to setup

Verkada Guest offers an easy install process but also boasts a powerful, highly customizable set of options to match your desired guest processes:

  1. Welcome visitors – sign in (includes touchless options), take photos, print badges
  2. Notify hosts via email or SMS
  3. Manage all of your visitor activity in a single view
  4. Easily configure Guest settings remotely through Verkada’s powerful Command console
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Key Features of Verkada Guest

  • Customizable and brandable visitor experience
  • Badge printing
  • Generates automatic arrival notifications
  • Enables “touchless” check-in
  • Document signing
  • Visitor analytics and reporting
  • Integrates with Verkada video surveillance and access control products to create a best-in-class security and access suite.
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CSSI is pleased to offer a free 30 day trial of Verkada Guest. Try it out in your facility to discover how it can improve your visitor check-in experience. To discuss, please complete the form at right or click here to contact CSSI.

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