Video Surveillance and Security
Scalable cloud video surveillance security solutions

Does your video surveillance system rely on a heavy IT infrastructure? Are camera additions time-consuming and painful? Is reviewing footage slow and time-consuming?

CSSI is please to represent the leading provider of modern video surveillance technology. Verkada cameras offer a systems which requires minimal infrastructure (PoE), and makes use of cutting-edge cloud architecture and AI to provide insights unobtainable through legacy systems.

The unique features of Verkada hybrid cloud video surveillance include:

  • Easily scalable for any number of Verkada cameras or sites!
  • Easy to connect, requiring only a power over ethernet (PoE) cable. No NVR, DVR, or server required.
  • Access all of your cameras, even those at far-flung sites, through a single interface.
  • Verkada AI enables you to quickly search footage for clothing, color, face matches, and vehicle make.
  • Receive event-driven alerts. Set rules providing alerts when people or vehicles are detected in your determined frames.
  • Access any camera from any mobile device, and even provide temporary access to third-parties. Instantly share live camera feeds via SMS – ideal for first responders.
  • Optional backup to cloud
  • 10 year camera warranty!

Join one of Verkada’s weekly webinars to see this powerful solution in action! You’ll receive a free YETI tumbler just for attending! Register here.

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