Integrating Custom Software & Hardware to Improve Truck Loading Efficiency

Project In Brief

CSSI Technologies created a complete solution involving custom truck loading efficiency software, handheld computers, barcode printers, and specially-selected barcode labels to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading of trucks at U.S. Boiler.

What Does U.S. Boiler Do?

The company’s product line features residential cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and steel boilers as well as cast iron and steel heat distribution products, indirect-fired water heaters, and a full line of accessories. Products are sold through wholesale distributors, who in turn market to builders, heating contractors, utilities, and fuel dealers for resale to residential customers. In addition, the products are marketed in partnership with distributors directly to the distributors’ customers in order to develop brand loyalty.

What did CSSI do for U.S. Boiler?

After boilers are manufactured at the customer facility, they are delivered to a drop site for installation by a contractor. U.S. Boiler was experiencing efficiency problems loading/unloading their trucks both at the warehouse and at the delivery site.

  • CSSI’s solution consisting of software, scanners, printers, and labels dramatically improved efficiency.
  • The software analyzed each delivery and provided instructions for packing trucks in reverse order of delivery. This eliminated the need to reload trucks at each delivery site.
  • The software provided a stoplight system that ensured the right items were being put onto trucks for delivery.
  • The software also provided the ability to print labels from both handheld and fork truck mounted units. The labels that are used are a stock 4×6 polyester label which does not tear. The labels are mainly used to provide Energy Guide information per label compliance regulation.

CSSI integrated custom truck loading efficiency software and hardware for maximum impact.

How did CSSI improve U.S. Boiler’s truck loading efficiency?

The CSSI solution helped streamline the loading and delivery process and eliminated errors. After manufacturing was complete, the software made loading the trucks much easier. The simple stoplight system provided checks to ensure there were no mistakes during loading. Likewise, the trucks no longer had to load and unload their cargo multiple times on their delivery runs. Prior to putting our solution in place, boilers had been left at a customer site by accident and had to be tracked down by hand. Reducing these types of errors saved significant time and money for the operation.

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