Top Mobile Device Technical Support Challenges

Common Tech Support Issues for Rugged Mobile Computers

Every company is unique, but we encounter certain common themes when helping customers work through technical issues with their mobile devices. CSSI provides mobile device technical support for the top rugged mobile computer and tablet brands, including Zebra technical support , Honeywell technical support , and Datalogic technical support , among others. Here are several of the frequent challenges our help desk encounters:

1. Selecting the right mobile device configuration and accessories

The challenge: It’s important to select the right device upfront, or all of your work down the road will be harder. There are so many devices from so many manufacturers (and multiple configurations of each mobile device) that it is extremely difficult to make the right choices if you lack experience in the mobile device space.

How CSSI helps: Our customer service team spends all of its time working with rugged mobile computers, and is very knowledgeable about the brands we support such as Zebra, Honeywell, and Datalogic (among others). Our approach to recommending the right device starts with an assessment of your needs, often beginning with a site visit for discovery. We will place demo equipment in your facility so that your team can test proposed devices to ensure the ‘right fit’ for your need.

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2. Preparing new devices for deployment

The challenge: Have you ever had boxes of new devices stacked in your office while you struggled to find the time to set them up and put into production? It can be daunting to take on the deployment job, particularly if you are dealing with a large quantity of equipment.

How CSSI helps as a mobile computer support partner: We use our pre-sale engagement with you to start developing your mobile device configuration profile. Our proof-of-concept testing will enable CSSI to fine-tune your setup. It is our preference to have your configuration locked down prior to your receipt of new devices. This will enable you to push incoming equipment into the live environment much more quickly.

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3. Android Device OS Upgrade Challenges

The challenge: It’s time to update from windows devices to new Android devices, or to upgrade to a new version of Android, and the internal team is unsure how to proceed, or finds that existing applications are broken after the OS update.

How CSSI helps: We are extremely experienced with all manner of operating system updates and upgrades. Customers who are moving on from older devices running Windows Mobile or Windows CE can be rapidly migrated to Android using our mobile device support tools. Also, customers who are struggling with the new security demands of Android 11 or 13 will benefit from CSSI’s experience and troubleshooting in these situations.

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4. Management of deployed devices

The challenge: It’s hard to support and manage large quantities of mobile devices without remote access, especially when they are located at multiple locations. The company risks device downtime, user frustration, and security issues.

How CSSI helps: We recommend the use of mobile device management software. MDM allows us to offer remote support to manage devices regardless of where they are. Setting configuration standards, adding new software, updating mobile app permissions, changing security settings, updating the OS… all of these can be accomplished without being in physical possession of the mobile device. CSSI even offers a service program called Device Lifecycle Management in which we take over the management of your mobile device fleet.

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5. Device wireless connectivity problems

The challenge: “Devices losing connection” is a frequent source of pain. It can be hard to pin down… is the issue with devices, or the network, or software?

How CSSI helps: We start with attempting to drill down to the underlying cause. If the issue is indeed with your Wi-Fi network, we offer Wi-Fi consulting services such as site surveys and recommended equipment and configurations.

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How Can CSSI Help? What’s Your Mobile Device Support Challenge?

If you are encountering a technical issue with your mobile devices, please contact CSSI for technical support . We can use our tablet and mobile device expertise to help you identify and fix your issues.

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