Alert: Encountering Issues When Implementing Android 11 Devices?

Special Alert: Customer Challenges When Implementing Android 11 Devices

CSSI Technologies has recently encountered numerous customers who have run into major challenges when attempting to deploy mobile computers running Android 11. These customers discover that applications which have worked with prior versions of Android suddenly will not function.

This problem can occur either when attempting to deploy newly purchased Android 11 devices, or even when older devices return from a manufacturer repair depot upgraded to Android 11, as commonly occurs.

Even if you have not yet upgraded to Android 11 devices, this issue is still relevant to you… because you will face it when you eventually upgrade.

The Android 11 Problem

The root issue results from Google’s implementation of ‘scoped storage’. This is a security measure which changes the way apps can store and access files on a device, with the goal of protecting the privacy of app and user data. Scoped storage was originally introduced with Android 10, but new enhancements delivered with Android 11 enforce greater data protection and have played havoc with some companies’ operations.

Typical issues and questions associated with an Android 11 / scoped storage issue:

  1. Why won’t my provisioning barcodes work on my Android 11 devices?
  2. Why are my device’s configurations no longer working on my Android 11 devices?
  3. Why are my MDM deployment packages not working on my Android devices?
  4. Why won’t my WMS application work on my Android 11 devices.
  5. What new firmware works with my current applications?

Scoped storage is a new Android reality and will be present in future OS versions. So, companies which might skip Android 11 will still encounter it in 13 and beyond.

Working the Scoped Storage Problem With CSSI

The CSSI team has recently worked with numerous companies to solve the scoped storage challenge. We have developed a number of configuration and upgrade methodologies which have enabled customers to get back up and running. We are well-prepared to help you resolve your own Android 11 issues.

Consider the following recent case study…

Case Study – Android 11 Fixed

A major industrial manufacturer with a broadly distributed fleet of mobile devices managed with SOTI MobiControl (MDM) asked CSSI for help. Device configurations had been stable for some time, but when attempting to deploy new handhelds, critical applications would suddenly not work. CSSI researched the issue and determined that it was caused by configurations which would not work under Android 11, the OS installed on the recently purchased devices.

CSSI’s technical team examined the customer’s deployment environment and designed Zebra StageNow and SOTI MobiControl profiles which successfully worked around the issue. This customer is now able to run Android 11 devices side by side with devices on older versions of Android and is prepared for future Android updates as well.

Contact CSSI To Prepare for Android 11

Whether you are already experiencing issues, or are planning to upgrade to new devices, you are welcome to contact CSSI to discuss your configuration. We can help you to determine what issues you will experience with Android 11 and develop a plan to proactively resolve the problem. To learn more, please contact CSSI Technologies.

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