What is Telnet Modernization and Why Should You Care?

Workers are our most valuable asset, so finding ways to improve employee retention and overall productivity is critical for businesses today. Telnet modernization is one way to achieve both goals simultaneously, by improving the graphic interface of the mobile devices used by your warehouse or production team.

How Terminal Emulation Works

Terminal emulation uses a protocol, typically telnet, to allow a given computer to appear to be networked to a server or mainframe. Terminal emulation translates the input or output data between the host computer and the mobile device so that the data can be displayed on the mobile computer screen. Terminal emulation is typically used when connecting with backend systems running on servers such as the IBM AS400.

How Telnet Modernization Creates a Better Interface

Standard terminal emulation produces a very basic, text-only screen. This is commonly referred to as a ‘green screen’. As an older interface, default terminal emulation does not support graphics or touch interface. All interaction is through keys. This creates user interactions which are quite linear in nature, and a GUI which is extremely basic.

Which device would you rather interact with all week long in the warehouse?:

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Telnet modernization software such as Ivanti Velocity can quickly create a color and graphic interface which modern workers find much more familiar. Also, by enabling the touchscreen capability of the mobile device, TE modernization can allow workers to boost productivity.

Some of the many benefits of telnet modernization include:

  • User-friendly color and graphical interface
  • Touchscreen compatible reduces key taps (and possibly eliminates the need for a keyboard)
  • Enables the coding of shortcuts to save steps in the workflow, boosting productivity
  • Faster training and fewer errors due to a clearer interface

Mobile Devices Commonly Using Telnet

As telnet is often used in the warehouse and production environment, we often have cause to use it on mobile devices used in those workflows.

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