Go Zebra: Trade-In Rebate Program for 2024
Lower the cost of your Zebra device refreshes

Trade-In Old Mobile Devices and Earn Zebra Rebate

Zebra has announced a trade-in program for 2024. The Go Zebra program allows customers to earn rebate cash when trading in used mobile devices, scanners, and label printers for new Zebra equipment purchases. Rebates vary by product, but can significantly defray your cost when upgrading to new devices.

Some examples of rebates which can be earned, when trading in:

  • Trade in MC9300 mobile computer, earn $150
  • Trade in MC3300x mobile computer, earn $200
  • Trade in L10/ET60/ET65/ET80/ET85 tablet pc, earn $100
  • Trade in TC52 handheld computer, earn $75
  • Trade in ZT620 printer, earn as much as $550

Contact CSSI for help with your Zebra Trade-Ins and Upgrades

CSSI can assist you in completing the necessary rebate paperwork to ensure you receive your cash back from Zebra. Please contact us to discuss your Zebra device upgrades.

Rebates are available for a broad range of products (and are available for competitive products as well). The full list of rebates is available here:

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