Zebra MC3300x - Next evolution of a rugged lightweight Android Mobile Computer
Zebra MC3300x – Next evolution of a rugged lightweight Android Mobile Computer

Zebra has introduced the next generation of the versatile MC3000 family of mobile computers, the Zebra MC3300x. The MC3300x provides more of all the essentials you need to meet the challenges of the modern warehouse environment — increased power, an even more rugged construction, and additional features.

The MC3300x offers a purposeful ergonomic design which includes 4 form factors, several keypad options, and a bright touch-sensitive display. With so many choices, CSSI can work with you to select the optimal configuration for your needs.

zebra mc3300x in use

Why Choose the Zebra MC3300x?
1. Zebra’s most powerful Android architecture
2. Proven fit-for-purpose ergonomics (now even more rugged!)
3. More ways to capture more kinds of data
4. Triple-shift battery power boost productivity
5. Compatible with MC33xx accessories you have today

The MC3300x is built with Zebra’s latest Android architecture, including a faster SD660 octa-core 2.2 GHz processor, more standard memory (4 GB RAM/32 GB Flash on every model), and delivers superior performance on all of your voice and data applications.

Just as exciting, the MC3300x is even more rugged than the original MC3300! The drop specification has been increased to 6 ft., and the tumble spec tripled to 3,000 3.3 ft. tumbles. Further, sealing increased from IP54 to IP64, making the MC3300x dustproof.

You’ll love great data capture features, with one new scan engine. The SE4770 standard range 1D/2D scan engine offers an intuitive illumination field for easy aiming, providing a superior user experience in the most scan intensive applications.

Running a multi-shift operation? With the MC3300x you’ll have fewer interruptions to swap batteries — it has 35% more capacity, sufficient to power three shifts.

Wireless connectivity has also improved. 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) delivers maximum WiFi range and speed for better, more robust connections. Bluetooth 5.0 provides twice the speed and four times the range of the prior generation MC3300, improving the performance of peripherals, such as headsets, printers and more. And since the new WiFi and Bluetooth technologies use less power, more battery life is preserved.

The MC3300x runs on Android 10, the most powerful version of Android yet. This makes it easier to use and even more secure, with over 50+ new security and privacy improvements.

And Zebra’s Mobility DNA and LifeGuard™ for Android™ put the MC3300x in a class of its own. Over 17 value-added Mobility DNA tools boost workforce productivity, simplify device management and improve device performance. And LifeGuard offers up to eight years of security updates, end-to-end remote control of the OS update process through your supported EMM, plus built-in support for the next version of Android.

Speak to CSSI Technologies today to arrange your demo of the Zebra MC3300x and improve workforce productivity and efficiency from your manufacturing shop floor to the warehouse.

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