Zebra Updates Wearable Computer Line for 2024

New Zebra Wearable Computers and Scanners

Zebra Technologies has announced several new additions to its line of wearable computers and wearable barcode scanners for 2024. Wearable computers enable higher worker productivity in fast-moving warehouse environments, supporting operations such as picking and putaway. Wearables keep the user’s hands free and reduce time spent picking up and putting down a handheld computer. Time studies document the benefits of hands-free operations in these environments.

The new mobile computer launches include 2 arm-worn computers which work in tandem with ring scanners or wearable scanners, as well as an innovative new wearable scanner, the RS2100, which is the lightest enterprise scanner available today.

New Zebra Wearable Products for 2024

Zebra WT6400 Wearable ComputerThe Zebra WT6400 Wearable Mobile Computer maximizes utility and computing power, with an optional keypad and features to power hands-free picking operations. Android OS. This updates prior products such as the WT6300 wearable computer.
Zebra RS2100 Wearable Barcode Scanner The Zebra RS2100 Wearable Scanner is the world’s smallest and lightest enterprise-grade wearable barcode scanner. The light design creates maximum comfort for users, while maintaining enterprise class wearability and offering a great scan engine.
Zebra WT5400 Wearable Computer The Zebra WT5400 Wearable Mobile Computer is a new lower-cost yet purpose-built wearable computer packed with innovations to support hands-free picking. Android OS.

Other prior releases which remain available in the popular Zebra wearable line include the WS50 Android Wearable Computer and the RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner.

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Learn More About the Benefits of Industrial Wearable Computing

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