A Better Way To Manage Your Devices: Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Organize, Store, Secure, Track, and Manage Your Mobile Device Fleet

Companies face real challenges in keeping track of their growing fleets of handheld and mobile devices. Many firms use ad hoc solutions such as tables or shelves for charging stations. Unfortunately, these methods lack an ability to ensure that devices are properly returned to charge at shift-end, and there is limited security and accountability for users.

We were excited to discover Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets product line, which directly tackles these challenges… and does so in a way which is seamless and integrated with the popular Zebra mobile computers used by so many firms.

A Configurable Device Management Solution

The Intelligent Cabinets solution is highly configurable and adaptable to your preferred method of use. At core, the solution provides an organized method of storing and charging mobile devices when not in use. It also provides a check-in / check-out capability which enables you to track which employees have which devices. As further value add, you have the option of adding device security and keeping an eye on device battery health so that you can proactively replace failing items.

Your CSSI rep will work with you to spec out the features and configurations you need and will plan your deployment. We can create solutions for varying device quantities and types, as well as adding features like locking cradles or cabinets.

zebra intelligent cabinets product family

The Benefits of Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

What is the cost of device loss and/or lost device usage in your facility? These are significant for most companies. Not only do expensive handhelds occasionally go missing, but workers are unable to perform their job due to not being able to find the right device, or losing battery strength during the course of the workday. Intelligent Cabinets addresses those problems with immediate benefits:

  • Ensure devices are charged daily
  • Monitor battery life and battery health
  • Limit device access, and provide accountability for device return
  • Manage device software updates

Device Accountability and Oversight

The cornerstone of all intelligent cabinet installations is the device dashboard. This kiosk informs you at a glance how many devices are in use. Dive deeper, and you can gain visibility into which users have devices, and which devices are missing or not available for use. Reduce productivity lost due to the inability to find devices, or to devices with dead batteries mid-shift!

zebra intelligent cabinets dashboard

Learn More About Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Contact CSSI to discuss this device storage solution. Our consultants will review your needs and specify a solution perfect for your business.

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