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Solutions for securing and reliably charging your mobile device fleet

Monitor, Secure, and Charge Your Mobile Device Fleet

As mobile device fleets expand, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage them! Not only is there a risk of expensive devices being lost or stolen… there is also the hidden cost of lost productivity due to devices that have not been properly charged for the next shift.

CSSI Technologies offers the Intelligent Cabinet solution to solve this problem. This is a configurable device storage product which can include charging as well as monitoring functionality. It’s a great way to ensure that devices are only provisioned to those who need them, provides accountability to ensure their return at the shift-end, and enables devices to be properly charged when not in use.

Features of the Intelligent Cabinet Solution

The Intelligent Cabinet solution works best when used with Zebra mobile devices. There are several key features:

  • Securely store mobile devices
  • Charge and monitor battery life
  • Prevent damage and loss
  • Regulate device access – authorized personnel only
  • Manage and update devices (ideal when combined with CSSI Device Lifecycle Management)
Configurable Device cabinet
Configurable cabinets
Select the cabinet setup ideal for your facility and needs.
Intelligent cabinet security
Secure mobile devices
Ensure that only authorized personnel can access devices.
Intelligent cabinet monitor
Monitor device status
Monitor device status and charge level at a glance.

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