Scanning, Messaging & Push-To-Talk with Zebra Workforce Connect

Zebra Workforce Connect Consolidates Mobile Devices and Improves Team Communication

What if there were a way to consolidate the number of devices which workers need to juggle in the course of a busy workday? Barcode scanners , mobile computers , mobile phones… it’s a lot to keep track of, and a lot for the company’s IT staff to patch and support.

Zebra Workforce Connect is a software solution that enables communication and collaboration among workers in a variety of industries, including warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The voice client software can be installed on the worker’s existing mobile computer / barcode scanner.

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Zebra Workforce Connect Improves Communication, Collaboration, and Safety

Beyond the single-device ergonomic benefits and reduced IT device management workload, Workforce Connect simplifies and improves team communication, which is the holy grail of most modern businesses. Benefits include:

  1. Better collaboration : Zebra Workforce Connect can facilitate teamwork and collaboration by enabling workers to share information and ideas, ask for help, and provide feedback, all in a secure and controlled manner.
  2. Improved productivity : Zebra Workforce Connect can help workers complete their tasks more efficiently by providing real-time access to information, such as inventory levels, work orders, and equipment status.
  3. Enhanced safety : The software can help prevent accidents by enabling workers to communicate quickly and easily with supervisors and other team members, especially in hazardous environments or emergencies.

Here is a graphic demonstrating the broad range of functionality available through Workforce Connect:

It’s All About Connected, Communicative Workers

Zebra mobile computers and software solutions improve the productivity and connectivity of front line employees. It’s harder than ever to retain workers, which is why it makes sense equip workers with tools which will make them not only more productive, but also more empowered… and thus more loyal to the company. It makes even more sense to consolidate the number of devices your team members carry – the barcode scanner and mobile computer can also serve as the communications device.

Zebra Workforce Connect Communication Benefits

Contact CSSI to Discuss Zebra Workforce Connect

Overall, Zebra Workforce Connect can help transform the way workers operate in warehouses and manufacturing facilities, by enabling them to be more connected, productive, and safe. Combined with a Zebra device, it’s a powerful addition to your work tools. To learn more and to arrange your own personal demo of this voice client solution from Zebra Technologies Corporation, please contact CSSI.

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