Introducing MiR Warehouse Robots
Automate internal logistics tasks in as little as one day

Warehouse Automation Simplified with MiR Robots

Warehouses struggle to staff appropriately in the face of rapid material handling growth and a labor shortage. Now you have the same technology available to you as much larger warehouse operators… autonomous robots for internal logistics tasks.

CSSI is now a source for MiR warehouse robots . MiR is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of warehouse robotics technology. Better yet, MiR autonomous mobile robot solutions are highly scalable and easy to implement. In the video below, we demonstrate a MiR robot for you:

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Internal Transport Workflows for MiR Warehouse Robots

MiR robots are ideal for frequently repeated and well-defined material movement tasks. Some of these might include:

  • Supporting picking by transferring picked items to shipping
  • Resupplying your manufacturing line with components and raw material
  • Removing recycling or waste material
  • Movement of carts, or pallet transport in your warehouse – even heavier loads
  • Even transferring items from one line to another as a ‘virtual conveyor belt’

Ready to do a proof of concept project? Implement one or two robots as a way to prove out your business case and ROI. It’s easy to scale up later as you expand project scope and add new logistics tasks for your mobile industrial robot fleet.

MiR AMR lineup
See the family of MiR Warehouse Robots

CSSI will support you from workflow selection through project implementation. Our AMR experts will get you started quickly so that you can see the benefits of mobile robots.

Learn More About MiR Warehouse Robots

Take the next step by contacting CSSI to learn more about MiR robots and arrange a demo of this powerful solution to support your internal logistics. The CSSI team looks forward to working with you on warehouse automation with industrial robots in 2023!

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