Wearable Technology Drives Warehouse Productivity
Smart and worker-friendly approach to improving team output and accuracy

Empower High Productivity With CSSI’s Wearable Technology Solutions

The modern warehouse must brave through a myriad of challenging demands. From shorter delivery timeframes to real-time order tracking, meet every demand with a modernization solution that adapts to the individual worker for maximized productivity and ergonomics. Wearable technology solutions provide an instant productivity boost for your team… faster scanning, improved ergonomics, less fatigue.

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What Is Wearable Technology?

There are a number of wearable tech devices. These would include:

  • Hand- or finger-mounted barcode scanners and mobile computers (as an example, the Zebra WS50 Android Wearable Device)
  • Smart glasses (many people are familiar with wearables such as the Google Glass head mounted display)
  • VR Headsets – virtual reality and augmented reality may play a growing role in professional environments
  • Wearable electronics (examples might include the Fitbit smart watch, the Apple watch, or activity tracker devices)
  • Wearable sensors and smart clothing used for personal safety or individual metrics, for example, in hazardous environments where intrinsically safe technology is required.
  • Portable label printers

CSSI is focused primarily on wearable technologies which support activities in warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing environments.

Benefits of Wearable Computers

There are many advantages to well-implemented modern wearable technology solutions:

  • Faster order fulfillment / higher worker productivity
  • Improved order accuracy due to the scanner’s visual reinforcement
  • Workers benefit from the improved ergonomics of wearable devices
  • Team communication improves with push-to-talk capabilities
zebra ws50 wearable mobile computer

Zebra’s new WS50 wearable computer integrates a scanner and color screen.

CSSI can guide you in the selection, configuration, deployment, and support of wearable computers and ring scanners.

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