How To Improve Warehouse Output With a Mobile Labeling Station
Battery-powered printer carts enhance DC productivity

We are living in challenging times for warehouses. Labor rates are increasing, even as it is more challenging to find sufficient levels of staff. At the same time, demand is rising sharply, and the competitive environment requires faster and more accurate response times. Customers expect ever-faster deliveries with high accuracy.

A Mobile Labeling Station Can Boost Productivity

It’s difficult to maintain adequate staffing levels today, and thus even more important to get more done with the people you have. CSSI Technologies offers all-in-one mobile labeling stations perfect for your warehouse. Powered with a swappable battery system, mobile label printer carts can improve the productivity (and reduce wasted travel) for your warehouse employees.

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Benefits of a Mobile Labeling Station

  • Time studies show a doubling of employee output
  • Reduced labeling errors when labeling is done at the point-of-use
  • Eliminate wasted travel
  • Happier employees

Mobile printer carts from Newcastle Systems are highly configurable and built tough for warehouse use. An industry leading swappable battery system keeps your employees on the floor with minimal downtime. CSSI is please to partner with Newcastle to offer these productivity boosting label and computing stations.

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