Five Reasons Enterprise Tablets are Becoming a Priority Investment in Today’s Warehouse

As consumer demands increase and the needs of today’s businesses change, enterprises are discovering that their workers need innovative solutions that can adapt to current demands to effectively and accurately accomplish tasks. Though handheld mobile computing devices have long been a staple for front-line workers, many companies are now turning to enterprise tablets to bring the value of a desktop computer out into the field to drive efficiency and enable better workforce communications. It’s also expected that the market for Android-based rugged devices will grow at 23% annually over the next four years, which means getting the jump on your competition by investing in tablets now could make the difference in your warehouse operations over the next four years.

Zebra ET80/ET85 in use on plant floor

Enterprise-grade tablets are becoming more innovative because these devices are empowering warehouses with…

  1. Rugged reliability – Withstanding tough environments is necessary for any device that is used in the warehouse. Consumer tablets regularly shut down when confronted with extreme temperatures and high humidity, while enterprise tablets are built to conquer the most challenging environments, including the most extreme cold and severe heat. In fact, those who are often working in unpredictable environments, such as field service and utility technicians, manufacturing teams, construction crews, merchandisers, and public safety professionals, demand powerful, mission-critical devices.
  2. Unparalleled customization and management control – Enhance your business with advanced customizations for warehouses that specifically prioritize drop-proof, high-visibility screens, and GIS access. Equipped with the right devices, employees can run any native apps to meet their unique operational requirements.
  3. Ability to maintain peak performance levels all day long – Equip your devices with the portability tools, like hot-swappable batteries, that ensure your tablets last entire shifts without interruptions. This simplifies efficiency and streamlines high performance in your workflows with the memory, storage, and desktop-comparable processing power of rugged enterprise tablets.
  4. Long-term lifecycle – Enterprise tablets come equipped with long-lasting and easily replaceable batteries to extend life cycles. This eliminates the need to keep a large population of spares on hand or waste the time and fuel required to ship damaged devices to and from a service center.
  5. Incorporating environmentally sustainable designs – Maximizing sustainability has quickly become a crucial process for warehouses. This is because consumer expectations for sustainable products are continuing to increase and environmental regulations are evolving. Enterprise devices have lower churn rates, last longer, and can easily be refurbished or cycled so companies minimize their contributions to hazardous waste disposal practices that are harmful to the environment.

Magnify your warehouse operations with these benefits when you invest in Zebra’s newest ET80/85 enterprise tablet.

Designed for rugged operation in tough environments, the Zebra ET80/85 rugged tablet delivers reliable performance for unbreakable connectivity in your critical operations. Implement versatility into your warehouse with the ability to transform the tablet to a laptop and back by detaching the rugged keyboard. It also makes backroom management easier with the power to create a mobile workstation in vehicles or forklifts. Invest in a versatile solution that simplifies warehouse workflows. Warehouses need devices that are prepared to handle ever-increasing demands.

Zebra ET80/ET85 tablet with keyboard
Zebra ET80/ET85 Enterprise Tablet – 2-in-1 Windows Tablet

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