Caution Ahead: Industry delays in label supply

Please note if your business relies upon printed labels and barcodes:

CSSI has encountered growing lead times for labels and print supplies. Industry sources warn that lead times may increase sharply in the first half of 2021. It is our understanding that delays are driven by 3 factors:

  1. Production delays caused last year which have not quite been caught up.
  2. Sharp growth in demand as certain industries have experienced pandemic-related growth.
  3. Recent weather challenges in Texas which impacted some of the chemicals used by label producers.

We have seen label producers warning of potential production delays of 4 – 12 weeks!

CSSI Technologies’ advice is:

  1. Review your on-hand label inventory.
  2. Consider temporary changes in your reorder trigger points – would you be capable of continuing production in a scenario where your next label order were delayed by 2-3 months?
  3. Place reorders now to build supply buffers and get ahead of the problem.

The advice above is even more urgent if you rely upon customized or non-standard labels since our ability to rapidly source from other suppliers is limited in these cases.

We are standing by to help you navigate any supply delays. Please contact your CSSI account representative or customer service for further support or to answer any questions.

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