CSSI Offers Technology Leasing Programs

Ease your path to new handhelds, scanners, and printers with technology leasing

Are you ready to update to the latest technology, but need to preserve your working capital? Equipment leasing can provide the solution. Instead of tying up large amounts of cash flow in new mobile computers, barcode scanners, or label printers, you can set up a reasonable monthly lease payment which enables you to achieve your technology refresh fast!

CSSI can help facilitate your technology leasing solution…

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Technology Leasing Can Accommodate

  • New equipment purchases, such as mobile computers, handheld scanners, vehicle-mounted computers, and thermal label printers. Most all of the new technology supported by CSSI qualifies for equipment leases.
  • Services and maintenance contracts to support that equipment.
  • Software customization can also be bundled into your lease agreement.

Many Ways To Create The Right Technology Leasing Option For You

  • Select from a lease term which works for you
  • Choose between a fair market value or dollar buy-out lease option
  • Affordable financing! Current historically low interest rates keep monthly payments low, further protecting your cash flow
  • Deferred payments may be available, allowing you to deploy new computer equipment prior to the onset of monthly payments
  • Your CFO can guide towards whether your purchase would best be treated as an operating lease or a capital lease.

CSSI Leasing Company Partnerships

CSSI will connect you with experienced equipment leasing providers such as:

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