Print Color Labels On Demand with Canon LX-D1300

Print Vivid Color Labels On Demand

In your business, do you need to print a variety of high quality color labels on the fly? The Canon LX-D1300 color inkjet printer is up to the task for eye catching packaging labels and barcodes.

In the video below, we take a look at the LX-D1300. It has a small form factor and prints 2″ labels in vivid color. It’s one of several printer options in Canon’s inkjet family.

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Canon LX Series of Inkjet Label Printers

The Canon LX series includes 3 printer options:

  1. LX-D1300 – This dye inkjet printer (seen in our video) handles a 2″ label
  2. LX-P1300 – This is a 2″ printer similar to the D1300, but this model uses pigment ink.
  3. LX-D5500 – This dye inkjet printer uses a 4″ label, and is the best choice for larger labels.
Canon color inkjet printer

Why Choose a Canon Color Label Printer?

There are several core reasons to select a Canon inkjet label printers for quality color labels:

On-demand printing

Canon inkjets eliminate the need to maintain inventory of pre printed labels. Instead, you can print labels as you need them, running different label jobs on the same device. Not only does this lower inventory management costs and reduce label ordering headaches, it also enables you to make label changes on the fly… perfect for businesses which use a variety of different labels!


Vivid colors produced by the LX series makes your product ‘pop’ on the store shelf! Canon gives you printer options using 2 different ink cartridge types:

  1. Pigment based ink is UV stable, and thus will be more durable over time
  2. Dye based inks offers a more brilliant color

Printer performance

Canon inkjet label printers are tough and ready to support your demanding operating environments. Features include:

  • High quality labels in vivid color… 1200 dpi resolution
  • LX-D1300 & LX-P1300 provide a compact label printer to save valuable space — footprint of just 5.3″x9.8″. LX-D5500 is slightly larger at 15.2″ x 22.2″.
  • Fast performance! LX-D1300 & LX-P1300 prints 4.7″/second. LX-D5500 prints 7.9″/second.
  • LX-D1300 & LX-P1300 print smaller label dimensions – labels up to 2″ wide on matte or glossy media rolls. LX-D5500 prints up to 4″ wide labels, and can accommodate roll or fan-folded media.
  • Auto cutter is built in.


There are a broad variety of applications for color inkjets. Some include product labeling, distribution & logistics labels, retail inventory, barcodes and signage for warehouse applications, and easily customizable coupons. Broadly speaking, packaging applications which would benefit from a sharp color label which can be printed on-demand are a good match. Canon also has card printers available which can be used for ID badges and similar. CSSI can assist you in selecting and procuring the optimal label stock for your printer.


CSSI’s print experts can help you to choose the correct label printer for quality and affordable color labels. You are no longer obligated to stock pre printed inventory labels and pre printed product labels. To learn more about the best Canon color inkjet label printer for you, speak to CSSI’s print and barcode label experts. We have years of experience supporting print needs in operating environments, and we’d be happy to consult with you on your project.

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