Electronic Temperature Sensors

CSSI partner Zebra Technologies has launched a line of electronic temperature sensors which represent a step forward for any application which requires evidence of temperature maintenance. Examples include:

  • Food transport
  • Cold storage
  • Medication transport
  • Emergency medical services

Superior Electronic Temperature Sensors

This new Zebra sensor solution has 3 major points of improvement over existing sensor products:

  • Bluetooth connectivity – access data faster, without having to open packages or containers. Allows you to quickly determine temperature with less effort and without losing cold or heat.
  • Cloud-enabled – Automate data uploads to the cloud to provide data accessibility and easier reporting.
  • Customizable – configure sensors and alerts to fit your application needs.
electronic temperature sensors from zebra

The Edge temperature sensors feature a unique design with integrated mobile connectivity (via Bluetooth), and are perfect for monitoring temperature-sensitive items throughout the cold chain. Temperatures can be monitored without opening boxes or cases.

A family of sensors for every need

A variety of sensors are available to suit various applications:

  • EDGE S-400 – non replaceable 12-month battery, and temperature range of -30 to 70 celsius.
  • EDGE M-300 – watertight IP67 housing, replaceable battery, and temperature range of -40 to 85 celsius
  • EDGE M-300-P – similar to EDGE M-300, but with an external probe accommodating temperature range of -200 to 200 celsius.
Zebra Temptime Edge s-400 sensor

Bluetooth sensors enable access through packing materials

It’s no longer necessary to make a physical USB connection in order to access sensor data. Zebra provides Bluetooth sensors, which let you monitor and record data through packing materials, containers, vehicles, cold-chain equipment and temperature-controlled rooms. This convenience makes it easier for users to quickly view temperature data without opening containers, thereby helping to reduce potential for human errors and limiting products’ exposure, which can cause product loss, deterioration of efficacy, and harmful effects to consumers.

Remote access delivered via EDGEVue app and EDGECloud

To round out the product family, Zebra’s EDGEVue app and EDGECloud™ services provide immediate, remote access to device data via the cloud. EDGEVue app enables easy setup, monitoring and tracking of sensors using Android or iOS mobile devices. EDGECloud™ services provide wireless, cloud-based data-sharing, storage, and reporting for compliance or analysis.

Customize temperature sensor settings to suit your needs

Zebra’s electronic temperature sensors are also among the most customizable in the market. Other devices which are preconfigured with monitoring settings require users to purchase different devices for different needs. Zebra devices, however, can be configured for each cold-chain shipment or storage environment, giving users a wide range of options and controls over settings, including start time, reading intervals and alarm limits.

To learn more about electronic temperature sensors, please contact CSSI today.

For further reading on the importance of data in the cold chain, see Zebra’s Food Safety Supply Chain Vision Study.

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