Windows-to-Android mobile device migration — are you onboard?

The Windows-to-Android mobile device migration is ongoing and picking up steam- Are you there?

Here are CSSI, we’ve been spreading the news for some time: Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, once dominant in the world of rugged mobile computing devices , is on the way out. Microsoft is getting out of the Windows Mobile business, and will stop providing updates as of Jan. 20, 2019 . For enterprise users, this means an increased exposure to bugs and security vulnerabilities… and most enterprises don’t care to fly without a net .

With that in mind, it’s not surprising to learn that mobile Android device market share is rapidly rising as users adapt. However, there are substantial numbers of users still running Windows OS. Consider this data from VDC Research:

Rugged Mobile Device OS Share – 2017 Shipments
Legacy Windows Android
Overall 62.1% 32.4%
Warehouse/DC 77.2% 18.8%

Based on this data, Android had risen to about one-third share of the market in 2017. But in the critical warehouse space, it wasn’t yet at 20%. So what critical barriers to adopting Android do operations/ & IT teams face? According to VDC Research, the top 3 reasons cited for not migrating to Android are:

  • Budgets (35.6%)
  • Cost and time to recode legacy applications (34.6%)
  • Migrating legacy applications (28.8%)

Handhelds such as the new Honeywell CN80 Android mobile device include new features will enhance your users’ productivity

Good news: CSSI can help you with all 3 barriers!

  1. Budgets: We can ease the cost of migrating your devices by pairing you up with attractive buy-back programs available from our manufacturer partners. Also, we can pair you up with financial partners for attractive leasing programs which let you avoid a huge upfront cash outlay.
  2. Recoding legacy applications: CSSI’s fully-staffed programming team has a high level of expertise in developing for Android, and can greatly accelerate your recoding of legacy apps.
  3. Migrating legacy applications: Similar to #2, CSSI’s team of programmers can act as a force multiplier to aid your internal team in the migration of legacy apps. Our prior experience will accelerate the migration process and reduce your overall cost. Using tools such as mobile device management (MDM), CSSI can assist you with managing and controlling your Android device fleet throughout their lifecycle. Do you have a current MDM in place? CSSI can work with your team to ease the mobile device migration process.

It’s also worth noting that the current generation of rugged mobile computers running Android are by definition ‘state of the art’. This means that there are enhanced feature sets and capabilities which will improve your staff’s overall productivity – in fact, this gets us to where we all want to be – upgrading to Android because we want the positive ROI, not because we have to.

Contact us or give us a call today (570-524-4424) to discuss your mobile device migration project.

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