Announcing WMS by CSSI – Warehouse Management Software for the Android OS

CSSI Technologies announces WMS by CSSIwarehouse management software which runs on the Android operating system. This is a full-featured software which offers all of the core functionality necessary for operating a warehouse – receiving, put-away, order fulfillment and more. The software also includes cycle counting functionality. Best of all, WMS by CSSI can be customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Why does the Android Operating System matter? Many WMS systems run on Windows Mobile, which is being phased out by Microsoft (support ends 01/14/2020). Enterprise users need to begin the transition to Android handhelds in order to avoid a situation where the enterprise is placed at risk by using an obsolete operating system. Also, Android is rapidly gaining market share and offers best-in-class reliability — also, handheld manufacturers have transitioned new products over to focus on Android, which means the best new devices all come ready for Android out of the box. WMS by CSSI was designed to run on Android, making your transition easy and seamless.

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