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Warehouse and inventory management

WMS by CSSI is warehouse management software for Android OS developed by CSSI Technologies.

The software includes all core WMS functionality. Keep track of inventory throughout its life-cycle in your facility – from receiving to put-away to cycle counting to picking and shipping. This is a robust solution scalable for one to thousands of users. Easily integrate with handheld computers and scanners for data capture by your warehouse employees… improving productivity and accuracy.

We’re Ready For Your Android Migration

WMS by CSSI was built to run on the next generation of handheld computers running the Android OS. Microsoft is winding down Windows Mobile OS, with support ending 12/31/2019. If your current WMS runs on Windows devices, now is the time to start planning your migration to Android so as not be exposed once Microsoft support ends.

The good news is that there are multiple mobile computing options now available which run Android. Further, WMS by CSSI was specifically designed to run on Android. By making the jump now, you are avoiding Windows Mobile end-of-support risk while locking in years of productivity with early life-cycle computing devices. Through it all, WMS by CSSI will grow and develop with your business.

CSSI WMS - Warehouse Management System Homescreen

CSSI WMS - Warehouse Management System Add Item

CSSI WMS - Warehouse Management System Inventory Transfer

Rich WMS Functionality

WMS by CSSI comes with a rich set of warehouse management features. However, note that one of the hallmarks of our approach is our ability to customize the WMS to suit your unique business processes. Key features already in place include:

  • Select PO to receive against
  • Receive items via barcode scan or manual entry
  • Print labels
  • Select item to be put away and move destination
Order fulfillment
  • Identifies open orders
  • Select order(s) to fulfill
Order picking
  • Creates pick list based on orders selected for fulfillment
  • Sorts pick list by warehouse bin and part number for efficient picking
Order shipment
  • Capture data such as tracking number, weight, quantity
  • Enables combining items of different types into a kit
Cycle counting
  • Identify pending cycle counts
  • Prompts for bin and item to be counted
  • Utilizes a ‘blind count’ method
Item/Bin location
  • Scan or enter an item and find bin location(s) and quantities for each location
Inventory transfer
  • Enables movement of items from one bin location to another

ERP Integrations

WMS by CSSI was designed for and implemented with companies running Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, the core software functionality is independent of any ERP, allowing the WMS to be connected to any ERP system – contact CSSI to discuss an integration with your ERP of choice, such as SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Infor / Syteline, Peoplesoft, IBM AS/400 or others.

Why CSSI Technologies?

  • We understand warehousing and inventory management. For decades, CSSI Technologies has worked with manufacturers and distributors of all shapes and sizes. We used that process expertise in building WMS by CSSI.
  • CSSI Technologies understands auto ID, data collection and mobile computing. For decades, we’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Honeywell and Zebra Technologies in the specification and configuration of handheld computing devices and scanners.
  • We understand ERP systems and processes
    • CSSI Technologies is a certified Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, with decades of experience guiding and supporting customer GP systems.
    • Even if you don’t use Dynamics GP as your ERP, you’ll benefit from CSSI’s understanding of ERP systems and inventory procedures.
  • We understand software development and stand ready to customize  to meet your needs
    • Our in-house team of experienced Android-friendly developers will handle your project from start to finish

WMS - cycle counting

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