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Microsoft Windows Embedded OS – End of Life

At CSSI we are passionate about providing solutions that fit your business needs.  The security and operability of the products that we sell and provision is important to us.  With that in mind, the support team at CSSI would like to provide this update on the Microsoft product lifecycle for operating systems that many mobile computers currently have installed.

Windows Embedded OS End of LifeStarting as soon as 2018, Microsoft is phasing out support of the Windows Embedded Operating System that is very common in rugged handheld devices vehicle mounted computers.  Unsupported and unpatched devices could cause security issues and productivity problems for businesses, hindering security and productivity.  At CSSI, we want to ensure our customers are aware of end of life dates in advance.  Preparing a strategy for upgrade now will help ensure the security and productivity of mobile computing in the future.

According to Microsoft Product Lifecycle documentation for Windows Embedded, the following dates are approaching and crucial in the mobile computing space:

  • 6/10/2018 – Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will be End of Life
  • 6/9/2019 – Windows Embedded 831 Handheld will be End of Life
  • 1/14/2020 – Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 will be End of Life

Most manufacturers of mobile computing devices have begun adopting the Android operating system as the flagship operating platform.  Based on smartphone and consumer tablet experiences the platform helps make a transition smooth and provides users with a familiar feel of usability.  Application support is always a concern with operating system changes.  However, Android is very easy to develop on, making it a great alternative to Windows based operating systems.

At CSSI we understand that device life-cycle replacement and migration to new operating platforms can be a stressful and intimidating task.  We want to make sure our customers have the information needed to make sound strategy decisions that meet budgetary and operational needs.  If you have questions, please contact us at or call 570-524-4424.

Thank you,

The CSSI Team

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