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Evolution Annual Conference



October 4, 2016: 8am-4pmPURPOSE








The final event of the EVOLUTION 2016 SERIES features three fantastic sessions, two in the morning (Part A and Part B) and one for the afternoon (Part C).


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Facilitator: Dean Minuto, Sales Coach/Mentor
Dean Minuto helps professionals get to “yes” faster and more often with the people they are trying to influence. Dean teaches massively distilled summary courses to CEOs and to industry groups across the United States.

Dean has been called The One Page Sales Coach® because of his ability to distill massive amounts of information (sales and marketing best practices) down to a single page that you can use as your guide to getting yes from anyone, anyplace, anytime. In June 2015, Dean was honored and humbled to be named Vistage’s 2015 Speaker of the Year.

Yescalate® is a 3-step process and a continually updated core curriculum from over 100 years of research in the decision sciences. Dean’s program teaches attendees a three-word checklist to accelerate decisions, seven simple strategies to trigger yes decisions honestly and ethically, and a tool, that can fit on the back of a bar napkin, to get more of the yeses they need.

PART B – Clarity, Confidence, & Creativity: New Information on the Science of Effective Leadership

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Facilitator: Dr. Bill Crawford

The challenge for leaders is that their job requires them to not only deal with high-level problems with serious implications, they are also expected to be able to predict the future while consistently bringing out the best in others. This requires them to be a combination of visionary, effective problem-solver, and psychologist. In order to meet all of these expectations, today’s leaders must be able to access their knowledge and interpersonal skills (and inspire others to do the same) regardless of the situation. This is where the”Top of the Mind” system is extremely effective, because the abilities to plan for the future and come up with creative solutions both reside in the upper 80% of the brain. Plus, in order to bring out the best in people (as well as convince others to support your ideas) one must be able to interact with them in such a way that they shift from the lower, resistant brain to the upper, receptive brain so that they understand and act upon your directives.

In addition to holding a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of seven books, executive/life coach, and speaker.

PART C – Search Inside Yourself: The unexpected path to success and happiness at work

Facilitators: Amy Sandler and Robert Chender

Developed at Google and backed by science, Search Inside Yourself (SIY) teaches how mindfulness is a win-win for business and wellbeing by building emotional intelligence. Developed by some of the world’s leading neuroscientists and mindfulness teachers, SIY has now been taught in over a dozen countries.

In our hyper-connected, always-on world, SIY takes a unique approach: learning to live more skillfully by developing attention inward. Greater self-awareness forms the foundation for emotional intelligence competencies. The Search Inside Yourself training teaches participants to navigate opportunities and challenges with more resilience, engagement, and happiness. It’s about living and leading fully.


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