Paper Form Conversion

Paper Forms Slow Your Business Down

Is your business burdened with numerous paper-based forms? Most are! Paper forms have always been the ‘traditional’ and default way of capturing information, but there are major shortcomings in a modern business environment:

  • Slow – Paper forms are slow. It takes longer to manually complete most forms than it would to quickly select data from drop-downs or capture via barcode scanner.
  • Error-prone – Any manual data entry will result in errors, both from mistakes by the users and mistakes in the eventual re-entry of the form data into a computer system during forms processing.
  • Poor for visibility and communication – A paper document is invisible to the organization until it is re-entered into a computer system (a duplicative and inherently wasteful activity in and of itself). Hours, days, or weeks may be lost in which critical information is not available to those who need it.
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Convert Your Paper Forms to Responsive Digital Forms

CSSI offers numerous services for quickly converting your paper to digital forms, so that they may be access via mobile computers, tablets, or PCs. First, our team seeks to understand the nature of the data collected, to whom it needs to be available, and how it will be stored. Our developers will then propose a software approach for creating a digital form usable on all desired computers and with form data accessible to all necessary employees.

Once forms are in an electronic format, they may either be hosted externally as web forms, or hosted internally using your existing IT infrastructure. Paper records will no longer need to be maintained, as they are replaced with digital documents or data is preserved in database format.

Responsive digital forms are:

  • Fast – Save your users time by letting them take advantage of form fields with drop-downs and automated data capture.
  • Accurate – Head off data entry errors through good form design, and eliminate writing mistakes with barcode scanner or RFID tags.
  • Instantly accessible – Electronic form data collected can immediately be made available to those in your organization who need it – no more need for forms processing. This improves communication and design making through data transparency.

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To discuss converting paper forms to responsive digital format so that they can be accessed on mobile devices or PCs, please contact CSSI to discuss paper document conversion services. Our custom programming development team will be happy to discuss your digital transformation project.

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