Mobile Device Mounts & Harnesses
Reduce Device Damage and Improve Operator Efficiency

Mounts and Harnesses to Present and Protect Your Mobile Devices

CSSI Technologies offers a broad range of solutions which make your mobile devices easier for your operators to access, while also protecting your technology from expensive drops and accidents. We work with a range of vendors, and are able to find the ideal solution for your specific use case.

  • Vehicle mounts provide stable, secure, and charger-integrated attachment points for tablets and other devices.
  • Holsters provide an easy to use method for stowing the handheld when not in use.
  • Harnesses provide a simple yet effective method of freeing the user’s hands, while not impeding rapid access to the device.
Mobile Device Harnesses
Provide employees with rapid access to mobile devices & prevent drops. Workers keep hands free when not using mobile device.
Forklift Tablet Mounts
Forklift Tablet Mounts
Ensure that tablets are visible to drivers, without obstructing visibility. Flexible mount options allow for ergonomic positioning.
Mobile Device Holsters
Mobile Device Holsters
Hip mounted holsters provide an effective way to stow and secure a device when not in use, without impeding the movement of the user.

How Much Do Damaged Devices Cost You Per Year?

It’s easy to lose track of cost of day to day device repairs, not to mention the lost productivity when devices are out for repair and not available for your operations. Investing in a mount, holster, or harness for your devices can prevent a significant portion of accidents. This has real impact on your costs and productivity!

Effective Method to Boost Worker Productivity

Quality device holters and harnesses can also reduce significant amounts of time wasted when workers pick up and set down devices. By making the device readily available, the worker is able to stay on task. Saving a few seconds per transaction can add up to significant productivity gains over the course of a year, and more than justify the small investment.

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