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Designed for demanding manufacturing and warehousing environments, Honeywell and Zebra barcode scanners offer simple, reliable and affordable scanning for day-to-day operations. General Duty Scanners are easy to use; no set up or training is required and they allow you to track inventory and assets in retail, library, tool crib, back office, and access control applications.

Honeywell and Zebra Scanning & Mobility’s hand-held barcode scanners provide intuitive scanning of the barcodes found in real-world environments, driving increased accuracy for end users. Honeywell manufactures hand-held barcode scanning technology built with specific challenges and work environments in mind. From retail-ready high scan intensity scanners to rugged rubberized warehouse scanners, Honeywell has a variety of hand-held scanning solutions to meet business needs.

Wireless barcode scanners from CSSI allow mobile employees to efficiently and effectively scan barcodes in challenging environments. Our wireless scanners combine the power of Bluetooth® with Honeywell’s years of innovation for the best in wireless connectivity and barcode scanning. Read even damaged barcodes and reach barcodes from extended distances with advanced scanners from Honeywell and Zebra, the leading manufacturers of automated data capture devices. These wireless scanners meet mobile data capture needs for a variety of applications, including point of sale (POS), warehouse inventory and healthcare scanning. CSSI offers a variety of industry-ready cordless barcode scanners, from light industrial high-throughput devices to heavy-duty industrial scanners designed to withstand extreme conditions.


Vehicle-Mounting Units

CSSI is proud to offer vehicle mount computers through Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. These computers come in various screen sizes and run the Microsoft Windows operating system. Vehicle mount computers can be mounted onto trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles.

Not sure which barcode scanning device is right for you? We can assist with selecting the correct solution to fit your exact needs. Contact the knowledgeable team at CSSI today!

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