These Handheld Computers Can Run Microsoft Windows

Load Windows 10 / Windows 11 on a Handheld Computer? Yes It’s Possible!

It’s well-known that the Android OS has become the default standard for mobile computers. Ongoing improvements in Android and Microsoft’s elimination of the Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems have resulted in market consolidation around excellent rugged devices built to run Android.

But what if your mobile application requires the Windows Operating System?

Until now, if you had a critical mobile app built to run on Windows, your best options were to either a) rewrite the application to run on Android, or b) rewrite it as a web application which can run in the browser on the handheld device. These are common approaches, and CSSI can help with these rewrites through our custom programming services. However, what if a software rewrite is not feasible?

Mobile Device Options Running Microsoft Windows (full-version or IOT)

We are happy to let you know that we now have options for a rugged handheld which can run either full-blown Microsoft Windows operating system, or Windows IOT Enterprise. CSSI’s partner DT Research offers models which are tough, enterprise-grade, and ready to handle your Windows applications.

DT Research DT362GL Windows Handheld Computer

This rugged yet slim handheld PC boasts a 6″ capacitive touch screen, and high-performing Pentium processor. Select from a range of accessories such as a back camera, barcode scanner, or RFID reader. It is IP65 rated, so ready for harsh use environments.

DT Research Model DT362GL handheld computer with Microsoft Windows OS

Mobile Device Features include:

  • 6″ touch screen
  • Intel Pentium
  • IP65
  • Optional camera, RFID reader, and barcode scanner!

DT Research DT362DN Windows Handheld Computer

The DT362DN boasts an Intel Core processor, with a touchscreen capable of digital pen support. A hot-swappable battery pack makes it a great choice for always-on environments. Choose your accessories – back camera, barcode scanner (close or long range), and a GPS module.

DT Research Model DT362DN handheld computer with Windows OS

Handheld Device Features:

  • 6″ touch screen
  • Intel Core
  • IP65
  • Hot-swappable battery
  • Optional camera, RFID reader, and mid- or long-range barcode scanner!

DT Research 362MD Windows Medical Computer

This handheld PC is certified and ready for medical applications. Critical ES60601-1 certification is in place, and the antimicrobial enclosure assist in keeping the device sanitary. A bright capacitive touch screen makes this a tool which healthcare professionals will love for monitoring and recording patient information in a Windows application or environment.

DT Research Model 362MD handheld medical computer with Windows OS

Mobile Device Features include:

  • ES60601-1 healthcare use certified!
  • Antimicrobial enclosure
  • 6″ touch screen
  • Intel Pentium
  • IP65
  • Optional: RFID reader, barcode scanner!

Contact CSSI for Handheld Devices Running Microsoft Windows OS

The CSSI team are experts in rugged mobile computers. Does your application or workflow require a handheld computer running Microsoft Windows? Contact CSSI to speak with one of our consultants about your project. We can arrange a demo of handheld computers or tablets running either Windows or Android. We’ll help you determine the best fit for your business. Please contact CSSI to discuss Windows rugged handhelds.

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