Datalogic CODiScan Wearable Scanner

Hands-Free Barcode Scanning with the CODiScan Bluetooth Wearable

Wearable scanning devices are a proven way to boost employee productivity in high speed warehouse environments. Datalogic has now introduced the CODiScan bluetooth wearable scanner, which is a light yet powerful hands-free barcode scanner for your warehouse team. The CODiScan can pair with any mobile computer via Bluetooth. Worn on the back of the hand, or as a pendant, this Datalogic device allows the user to retain use of his or her hands while quickly triggering scans with an ergonomic thumb trigger.

Datalogic CODIScan Wearable Scanner

Datalogic CODiScan Wearable Scanner Features

  • Light-weight (just 44 grams) and comfortable for full-shift use
  • 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities with Datalogic’s intelligent aiming technology
  • Easy to use and manage, pairs with mobile computer via Bluetooth
Datalogic CODIScan Wearable Scanner hands free

Applications for the Datalogic CODiScan

A wearable scanner like the CODiScan is able to boost productivity in any high-speed picking environment. Seconds saved in each scan (versus repeatedly picking up and putting down a handheld scanner) add up to massive worker output gains over the course of a day. Common applications are in warehouse management (picking, packing, shipping, receiving), retail (order fulfillment, receiving), and manufacturing (inventory management, verification of finished goods).

Datalogic CODIScan Wearable Scanner solo view

Demo the Datalogic CODiScan Wearable Scanner

Let’s discuss your application for the CODiScan wearable barcode scanner. Datalogic scanners are well-known for their durability and quality. CSSI’s barcode solutions team can arrange a hands-on demo for you to try this powerful barcode scanner within your operation. Please contact us to get a good look at the CODIscan.

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