Meet the Zebra ET60 Tablet
Rugged Android business tablet for a variety of applications

ET60/ET65 Enterprise Tablet PC from Zebra Technologies

Zebra’s new ET60 (Wi-Fi only) and ET65 (Wi-Fi/cellular) tablet family is a rugged and versatile workhorse which can find a use in most every business. This rugged tablet PC is packed with features, including a tough touch screen display, Zebra’s advanced SE55 industrial barcode scanner, camera, and a 20-hour battery. Check out the spec sheet at bottom for the impressive feature list.

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The ET60/ET65 can be utilized in a number of different configurations:

  • Handheld Android tablet
  • Laptop alternative
  • Fork truck-mounted or vehicle mount computer
  • In-cab computer for vehicle
  • Freezer-ready mobile computer

It’s worth noting that the ET60 is truly ready for forklift mounting… Zebra has developed mounts and connectors which will stand up to the rigors of forklift motion. This means that the ET60 can be a replacement for more expensive and complex VMU’s (vehicle-mounted computers). And, the ET60 has the advantage of being able to double as a mobile tablet which can be undocked and carried with the worker when not on the forklift.

Great Industry Solutions for the Zebra ET60 Tablet PC

There are an endless variety of applications which can be serviced by the versatile Zebra ET60 / Zebra ET65 tablet:


  • Inventory management
  • Picking
  • Cold storage
  • Fork truck computing

Manufacturing Plant

  • Manufacturing floor management
  • QA operations
  • Staff communications

Ports and Truck Yards

  • Cross docking
  • Yard management
  • Crane and yard mule operations

Field Service

  • Routing and dispatch
  • Mobile work orders
  • Meter reading

EMS & Public Safety

  • Routing and dispatch
  • Incident and patient care reporting
  • Staff communications

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