Zebra Launches New MC9400 Mobile Computer
Best-in-class handheld for demanding environments

Zebra MC9400 / MC9450 Raises the Bar for Ultra-Rugged Handhelds

Zebra Technologies has announced the latest update to its leading rugged MC9300 handheld… the MC9400 (wifi only) / MC9450 (wireless/WAN) is now available for your most rugged use environments. This is Zebra’s top-of-the-line mobile computer, and as you would expect, it is able to withstand harsh use environments while offering tremendous computing and communications horsepower, as well as Zebra’s latest data capture and imaging innovations.

Consider the MC9400 for warehouse and production environments, and consider the MC9450 for outdoor, tranportation, and field-use.

First Look at the MC9400 / MC9450

The new model will look familiar to users of the prior Zebra MC9300, with minor changes in outer appearance. In use, differences will quickly become more apparent, particularly with Zebra’s adoption of a new green laser which has been tested to be several times more visible than traditional red aiming lasers.

MC9400/MC9450 Highlights

The MC9400 raises the bar over its impressive predecessor, the Zebra MC9300. With support through Android 17, an impressive 8-foot drop spec, and more processing power, the MC9400 is ready to offer you benefits for years to come. The MC9450 adds WAN and GPS capability. Do you require an intrinsically safe computer? The MC9400 is available in a Class 1 Div 2 non-incendive model.

Advanced scanning technologyScan barcodes from up close, or to over 100 ft m away! Plus, Zebra’s innovative green laser aimer is up to 7X more visible than typical red aimers.
Wi-Fi 6E4X the bandwidth and capacity, 3X the speed, and up to 3X the available spectrum! Faster application response times for your busy workers to increase productivity.
Private and public 5GThe MC9400 is first gun-style handheld with private and public 5G wireless data connectivity — giving you affordable wireless networking options in both outdoor and indoor environments.
Biometric facial recognitionImprove security, and provide users with easier access to their device.
Push to talk & secure text messagingZebra’s PTT and voice options improve your team communication… and enable you to consolidate to 1 device.

Cold Storage or Freezer Environment? The MC9400 is Ready

The MC9400 is available for use in cold storage environments…

The freezer-grade version of the product can accommodate temperatures between -22F and 122F! CSSI can help you choose from several different keyboard options, in order to enable better access for users wearing gloves.

Contact CSSI to Schedule Your MC9400 Demo

The best way to learn more about Zebra’s MC9400/9450 is to contact CSSI by completing the form at top right or click here… CSSI is an official Zebra Premier Solutions Partner. We’d be happy to discuss the MC9400 family with you and schedule your hands-on demonstration.

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