Implementing Wearable Computers: Getting More from the Zebra WS50

Opportunities & Challenges of Wearables in the Warehouse

Warehouse leaders searching for productivity gains and operational efficiency are increasingly turning to the wearable computer and products such as Zebra WS50 wearable computer due to significant increases in worker output. To learn more about the specific benefits of this technology, check out our related article on the top 6 ways wearables can improve warehouse productivity .

However, wearable computers also require some advance thought and planning. How will workflows need to change, and are there software updates necessary to effectively use the wearable devices?

Zebra WS50 – How To Make the Most of a Smaller Screen

The Zebra WS50 wearable computer is revolutionary in that it is not just a wrist mount or hand mount barcode scanner… the WS50 is a fully functional Android mobile computer. The benefit is that the user does not need to carry 2 devices – you gain single device simplicity – even allowing for communication capabilities. However, in order to take full advantage of the WS50, the company must adapt its software to fit on the smaller screen.

Good news, particularly if your company utilizes telnet/TE and ‘green screens’ on your mobile computer devices… you have a significant opportunity to make multiple workflow and interface improvements. Here’s a demo of the Zebra WS50 running TE workflows, but presenting a full-color touch interface specifically designed for the small screen:

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Customizing Telnet Screens for the Zebra Technologies WS50

Which of the screens below are more user friendly, and more adapted to the requirements of a wearable computer user? Many companies are reluctant to upgrade these screens because of the time and expense required to upgrade back-end systems such as the AS/400.

However, CSSI can change device interfaces with no impact whatsoever to the back-end system! Our solution resides entirely on the mobile device itself.

The true power is unlocked when steps and keystrokes can be removed from a workflow with intelligent mobile screens. The result is reduction of wasted motion, improved user ergonomics, fewer errors, and faster training!

Contact CSSI to Discuss the Zebra WS50 Wearable Computer

The WS50 is much more than a ring scanner. It can improve task worker output and boost your operational efficiency. Set up your personal demo of the WS50 and discuss CSSI’s ability to customize mobile screens for your business. We would be happy to arrange a demo unit for you to try in your operation. Please contact us to get started today.

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