Multi-language Telnet Screens for Non-Native English Speakers

Reduce Training Time and Improve Productivity in Multi-Lingual Warehouses

Warehouses which utilize mobile devices running telnet/TE (the ‘green screen’) have for some time been able to take advantage of CSSI’s screen modernization capabilities, which enable users to take convert old-style green screens to modern touch-sensitive screens without touching complex back-end systems.

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Now, we can take it even further… warehouses are diverse work environments. In many businesses, non-english or non-native-english speakers comprise a majority of employees. This complicates training, slows down workers, and has quality control implications.

CSSI can create alternate sets of screens which enable your workers to interact in their preferred language… and this can be done without impacting your back-end systems!

Imagine how much easier it would be to onboard non-native english speaking employees if they were able to interact with handheld computers in their native language!

Here are some side-by-side examples of english/spanish screens. We can customize your screens to suit your preferences and needs:

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Modernized handheld screens

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