Zebra Announces New TC73/TC78 Handheld Computer

For years, Zebra’s TC series of Android handheld computers has provided durable mobile computing solutions for the enterprise. The TC7x has always been the toughest, ‘best-in-class’ part of the product family.

Zebra has just announced the latest version in this rugged mobile computer family… the TC73 and TC78. This is a significant leap forward in terms of computing power, user ergonomics, durability, and productivity-enhancing features such as an improved barcode scanner.

Zebra TC73/TC78 Offers Major Upgrades Over Prior Versions

zebra tc73 front view
  • Larger and brighter 6-inch FHD+ tough display (Gorilla Glass)
  • More rugged – 10ft drop spec to concrete!
  • Enhanced ergonomics – thinner grip area, and contoured back and sides
  • Includes barcode scanner: choose between advanced scan engines, SE4770 or SE55
  • Hot swap batteries
  • Faster Qualcomm processor
  • 7% lighter than prior model
  • Complete family of accessories

Difference Between TC73 and TC78 Handheld Computer

The 2 versions of this handheld are identical with the exception that the TC73 is Wi-Fi only, whereas the TC78 offers both Wi-Fi and 5G capability. So TC78 is the right choice for work in the field where remote connections are important, whereas TC73 is the best option when the device will only be used ‘within the company walls’ with wireless networks. For example, TC78 would typically be the best choice in direct store delivery or field service usage, whereas for warehouse or retail store usage, the TC73 would be sufficient. Both units include bluetooth.

tc73 bottom view

Target Use Environments for the TC73-TC78

The TC73-TC78 can boast a broad range of great ‘use cases’. Basically, any environment which requires rugged devices, exceptional battery life and scanning capability, and a large touch screen (but not tablet-sized).

Some typical great applications for the TC73 and TC78 include:

Parcel DeliveryManufacturing
Field MobilityWarehouse
Field ServicePublic Service / First Responders
Direct Store Delivery (DSD)Distribution Centers
Route AccountingRetail

Learn More About the TC73/TC78 Handheld Computer

Contact CSSI for information on this powerful new Android computer and schedule your hands-on demo today. CSSI is a Zebra Technologies partner, and pleased to discuss, deploy, and support this product with you. CSSI offers a broad range of professional services to ensure successful rollouts and smooth ongoing usage.

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