How to Boost Warehouse Productivity with Handheld Screen Modernization

Does Terminal Emulation Hold Back Your Worker Productivity?

Many warehouses and manufacturing businesses utilize terminal emulation environments (TE) in order to interact with their back-end systems on a mobile device or rugged tablet. TE, also referred to as telnet, is a well-established technology for this purpose, however, it is not without drawbacks:

  • A monochromatic green screen is difficult to read
  • Inability to take advantage of modern touch interfaces
  • Difficult for mobile computer users to learn – non-intuitive interaction with the software utilizing the keybord

As the turnover of mobile workers accelerates and warehouse volumes increase, it’s important to reduce training time while improving the efficiency and productivity of mobile users.

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Modernized TE Screen Benefits

In the brief video above, you can see side-by-side comparisons of a typical TE green screen compared with a modernized screen . Note the improved legibility, the intuitive use of buttons, color, and graphics, and the ability to reduce ‘touches’. Which screen would you prefer to work with during a busy day?

CSSI is able to modernize TE screens without making changes to back-end systems! This is critical to know, because it means that you can quickly adjust the way information is presented on mobile devices without having to get under the hood of complex legacy software. Our modernization software runs on the device, controlling how data is presented on the mobile screen without changing any information in the back-end.

Terminal Emulation Modernization Benefits Include:

  • Faster training
  • Improved user ergonomics
  • Ability to adapt to special user needs (can even accommodate multiple languages)
  • Reduction of taps and key entries
  • Boosted user productivityFaster training of new users
  • Improved ergonomics with superior user interface
  • Ability to adapt to special user needs (can even accommodate multiple languages)
  • Reduction of taps and key entries improves efficiency
  • Enables rapid migration from old Windows Mobile devices to Android, including existing applications
  • Increased productivity of mobile workers

More About Handheld Screen Modernization

To learn more about how CSSI can help to modernize your mobile device beyond the green screen, while improving inventory workflow and existing systems, please contact us today.

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