At Your Service: Android Lifecycle Management
This CSSI service offering standardizes, supports & secures your mobile device fleet

Your IT Team’s Android Secret Support Weapon

As mobile computers proliferate in our organizations, businesses quickly come to depend on the availability and reliability of these devices. Handhelds which aren’t ready to go at the opening bell, or which are riddled with inconsistent and confusing configuration, can quickly become expensive, resulting in costly errors, missed deadlines, and worker frustrations.

The Android Device OS Requires a Ready-to-Update Mentality

Just as critical, the rise of the now-standard Android enterprise operating system results in a drumbeat of patches and upgrades which arrive much more frequently than past Windows updates. Your organization must be able to keep up, or you risk becoming susceptible to security risks. Corporate IT teams are often insufficiently staffed to handle these new responsibilities.

For these reasons, CSSI created Device Lifecycle Management, a service which removes the burden of mobile computer configuration and upgrade from your IT team:

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How CSSI Lifecycle Management Support Helps

Lifecycle Management is a bundle of services which enable you to outsource mobile device management (MDM) to CSSI. The program can be adjusted to fit your needs, but typically includes:

  • Maintain managed device configuration standards
  • Simplify Android device deployment
  • Ease the process of post-repair handheld redeployment
  • Manage Android OS updates
  • Secure Android device data
  • Enable remote troubleshooting

Android Lifecycle management reduces the risk that you will miss key updates, and ensures that mobile computers are deployed matching approved standard configurations. This simplifies training and improves productivity, while also improving security.

How To Learn More About CSSI Lifecycle Management for Android

Contact CSSI to discuss options for our management of your mobile device fleet. Our team will be happy to discuss our device management program and capabilities.

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