Zebra LifeGuard for Android Protects Your Handheld Devices

The Rising Need for Data and Device Security

Today’s warehouses can’t compromise on data security. Cyber criminals are smarter, and the costs of hacks and data theft are higher. IT experts recommend deploying security patches as soon as they are available, and keeping your OS up-to-date with the latest version.

But this is hard to implement in practice as your fleets of mobile computers become larger and spread out over larger facilities, or multiple facilities in ever-broader geographical areas. Not to mention – your IT teams have limited time and many competing responsibilities. CSSI Technologies can help! CSSI’s Device Lifecycle Management program enables you to remove the burden of managing, updating, and deploying mobile computers. Or consider LifeGuard for Android, a Zebra service which protects Zebra devices with automatic updates and patches.

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Zebra LifeGuard for Android

Zebra’s LifeGuard enables you to protect your Zebra devices with automatic updates and patches. This makes it easier for you manage updates, and provides a user-friendly program to simplify your overview of your fleet.

  • Maximize enterprise mobile user productivity and minimize IT complexities over the lifespan of Zebra mobile device.
  • LifeGuard delivers regular OS updates required to stay on top of emerging security threats, while always allowing you to migrate to new versions at your own pace.
  • Beginning with Android 11, you get more control over the management of security updates through new options — including a new Auto Update feature, Dynamic Packaging to update with a single smaller file, plus support for Google A/B streaming to update silently in the background.
Zebra LifeGuard for Android

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