Why Choose Extended Range Barcode Scanners Instead of Long Range?
One industrial barcode scanner can offer a broad range of scan distances sufficient to cover all your warehouse needs

Traditionally, the focal depth of industrial barcode scanners was optimized and somewhat limited. Warehouse users would be equipped with a scanner with a scan range judged to be appropriate for their typical tasks. Unfortunately, that meant that when users were confronted with a scan distance outside of ‘normal’ range, they would have to take additional steps in order to make the scan. In a fast-paced warehouse environment, every disruption translates into lower productivity… but that was the typical reality, and thus was expected.

Fortunately, continuing development in the technology used in scanners has resulted in a new breed of extended range scanners, which immediately create a new warehouse standard. Why choose extended range barcode scanners?

benefits of extended range barcode scanners

What The Terms Mean

  • Short range scanner: typically offers a close range barcode label scan distance — mere inches or a few feet
  • Long range scanner: refers to scanners working best at a distance of 30 feet or more
  • Extended range scanner: Refers to scanners able to accommodate both short-range and long range barcode scan distances.

Benefits of Choosing An Extended Range Barcode Scanner

Short-range and long range barcode scanners are very good at their specific tasks. However, they are suboptimal if your warehouse operators need to scan inventory at a variety of distances. Users will lose valuable time and productivity will suffer. For example, they may have to dismount from a fork truck in order to get within scan range of some barcode labels. Or, they may be faced with a nearby object which won’t scan until they back up – again, losing productivity and increasing frustration.

Extended range rugged barcode scanners are a ‘best of both worlds’ solution for inventory management. Benefits include:

  • Saves time and enables faster, more consistent scanning
  • Allows warehouses to standardize on a specific device instead of needing to keep a variety of scanner types available. Consolidating to an extended range scanner simplifies procurement, deployment, and device management
  • Simplifies training – the warehouse team no longer needs to learn which device to use in which situation

Modern scanners offer advanced capture technology and can accommodate a variety of barcode symbologies (1d barcode, 2d barcode, QR code, data matrix, and more). Please note that the realized barcode reader scan distance will be impacted by the barcode label size and resolution of your thermal printer.

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