Enhance Team Communication With 2-Way Radios

Zebra Workforce Connect Unifies Your Teams

In a world of inevitable change, team communication in and out of the four walls is vital for business continuity. That’s why businesses are encouraged to unify teams with intelligent, push-to-talk systems like Zebra’s Workforce Connect. Your team’s rugged handhelds aren’t just for scanning and accessing key applications — they also function as extremely useful communication devices!

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2-Way Radios Enable Real-Time Communication

  • Group calls
  • Automatic emergency alerts
  • Seamless task assignment
  • Secured text messaging

No need to burden your team with multiple devices — they can take advantage of the Zebra mobile computers and scanners they are already carrying! Zebra’s Workforce Connect is a 2-way radio function which lets you reach your team, and your team members to reach one another regardless of where they are.

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