The Road To Warehouse Modernization

Highlights from Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study

How does your warehouse performance and future planning stack up against your peers? Here are highlights from Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study, which provides a data-driven path for investment and improvement.


  • 61% see IT/technology utilization as the top operational challenge
  • 80% believe tech implementation is key to competing in the fast on-demand economy (ask how CSSI can help with device deployment and management to speed your new tech adoption).
  • 55% are planning to utilize RTLS (real-time locationing systems)
  • 54% expect to be using a full-featured WMS (warehouse management system)
  • 86% plan to increase training for supply chain workers
  • 79% agree that tech transformation in the warehouse will increase the appeal of a warehouse career

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