3 reasons why replacing your fixed vehicle computers with enterprise tablets is simpler than you think.

Rugged Enterprise Tablets Can Replace Vehicle-Mounted Computers

It’s estimated that six out of ten businesses plan to integrate rugged tablets into their daily operations, yet many warehouses remain on the fence when it comes to upgrading fixed vehicle computers with rugged tablets. The former has been a trusted solution to guarantee effective data capture and processing directly at the forklift, minimizing wasteful steps throughout the warehouse. On the other hand, enterprise tablets like Zebra’s line of rugged tablets have also benefited a variety of workflows with dependable mobility and versatile functionality. The question remains: Can tablets ever replace vehicle-mounted computers and guarantee the same reliability and ease-of-use?

The answer is “yes”, and simplicity remains uncompromised.

3 Reasons For Enterprise Tablets

Complicated integration is one of the biggest factors working against modernization. If technologies are difficult to adopt, modernization may hinder productivity by stalling operations and creating bottlenecks. While a rugged tablet may look and function differently than a vehicle computer, it serves as a smart replacement if…

  1. Vehicle computers still rely on Windows OS – Migrating operating systems can be challenging due to high adoption rates; however, more leading tech manufacturers now choose Android for Enterprise as their OS of choice, integrating a familiar yet secure platform for the enterprise space. By swapping out legacy Windows devices for upgrades like Zebra’s L10 tablet, warehouses equip forklifts to capture, share, and update data without security risks on an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Android’s open ecosystem also allows you to add new applications and WMS updates without extensive IT involvement.
  2. TE applications are still necessary – Younger warehouse workers have been shown to struggle more often in navigating crucial TE applications, yet terminal emulation has long been a cornerstone in securing efficient warehousing operations. Intelligent tablets should be able to bridge the generational gap by converting TE applications into a touchscreen platform for easier adoption for seasoned and new workers alike. Applications like Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation facilitate green-screen conversion in tablets for immediate TE use right out of the box.
  3. You have multiple docking options – Fortunately, Zebra’s newest tablet, the ET8x maximizes adaptability for easier implementation with a detachable keyboard and flexible docking to fit any mounting setup. Moreover, since it’s 20% lighter than competing models, the ET8x enhances worker mobility as it can be easily removed from the forklift to be used as a secondary data logging device in different parts of the warehouse. 
Zebra ET80/ET85 tablet with keyboard
Zebra’s new ET80/ET85 enterprise tablet

Simply put: Modernization doesn’t have to be complicated. To learn more about how you can optimize your warehouse operations with next-generation tablets, contact CSSI’s mobility specialists for an in-depth evaluation of your current mobility strategy.

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