Meet the Zebra DS3678 Rugged Scanner with Keypad and Color Display

Zebra DS3678-KD Offers Rugged Performance With the Versatility of a Keypad and Color Display

Zebra Technologies continues its path of innovation with the release of the Zebra DS3678 rugged scanner, which extends functionality well beyond that of prior generation scanners. As a certified Zebra business partner , CSSI possesses expertise in Zebra products which enables us to help you boost workforce productivity in the world’s toughest environments.

Part of Zebra’s ultra-rugged family, the new DS3678-KD barcode scanner combines unstoppable performance with the versatility of a keypad and color display. Everyday picking, inventory and replenishment tasks can be completed faster and more accurately, as workers can easily key in data, such as adding quantity and location to any scanned barcode. If workers need to pick or ring up multiple quantities, they simply need to scan the item once, then key in the quantity on the keypad.

The ergonomic keypad is designed for easy one-handed operation, while the color display offers the modern and intuitive experience that today’s users expect. There are even five pre-built applications are ready to use right out of the box – CSSI can support you in developing further unique barcode scanning applications for your operation.

Zebra DS3678 barcode scanner

DS3678-KD is Packed With Features

Built for your toughest environments, the nearly indestructible cordless DS3678-KD is dust proof, waterproofed to IP65/IP68, can be hosed down and survive 10 ft./3 m drops to concrete. Workers can capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode, even damaged and dirty barcodes, as fast as they can pull the trigger, from as far as 7 ft./2.1 m away. And that’s not all. This versatile scanner captures photos, intelligently de-skews and optimizes images, automatically parses GS1 label data and captures up to 20 barcodes in a single scan. The PowerPrecision+ battery can power the longest, toughest shifts – capturing over 60,000 barcodes per charge. Zebra’s Virtual Tether helps prevent downtime caused by a misplaced handheld scanner. The AutoConfig cradle lets you instantly switch workflows without having to manually change scanner settings. And Zebra’s unrivaled tools make staging and everyday management easier than ever.

Zebra DS3600 in use

Zebra 3600 Series Highlights

  • Ultra Rugged Design – Takes more of a beating over a longer period of time, even in punishing environments. Avoid unplanned production line downtime and maximize staff productivity.
  • Scan Range – Scans bar codes faster, and from standard range or extended range, with greater accuracy and lightning fast capture and unmatched scanning performance
  • Enterprise-Grade & Unrivaled Manageability- Deploy faster and manage more efficiently across the enterprise
  • Cordless – take it where you need it
DS3678 in charger

Ideal Use Cases for the Zebra DS3678 Rugged Scanner

  • Warehousing
  • Cold Storage
  • Outdoor Yards and Ports
  • Manufacturing

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