CSSI Offers Zero Touch Device Deployment

Zero Touch Provisioning For Android Enterprise Devices

Manual provisioning of new corporate owned Android devices can be time-consuming for your IT staff, and bears the risk of setup errors as well as significant difficulty in maintaining a standard configuration. CSSI is much more than a device reseller – we are your technology partner, ready to assist you in deploying as well as maintaining devices throughout their lifecycle.

Zebra Ultra-Rugged MC9300

Zero Touch Deployment – CSSI Provisioning

We created zero touch deployment in order to solve a problem – our customers were challenged by unfamiliarity with Android, and unpreparedness to manage the rapidly changing Android OS on each corporate owned device. By offering device management and deployment support, CSSI’s mobile device experts take the burden off your internal IT team. Your mobile devices arrive at your facility ready to deploy to each user right out of the box!

With our Android zero touch deployment, you can say goodbye to:

  • Complex and slow new device distribution processes
  • Laborious manual device configuration
  • Lack of attention paid to lifecycle management – applying updates and patches as necessary

CSSI provides varying levels of deployment support, ranging from assistance in establishing enterprise configuration standards, to zero touch provisioning of devices, to complete management of each managed device throughout its lifecycle.

Contact us to learn about supported devices, how we can help you to create a default configuration, what capabilities we have each device manufacturer, and the benefits of employing an MDM solution (mobile device management).

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