RFID Inventory Tracking

RFID technology is a powerful tool for achieving real-time inventory or asset visibility in your supply chain. In a well-designed RFID implementation, items will flow through the process, with real-time quantity and location updates made to your systems with minimal human involvement.

One of the challenges in implementing an RFID solution is designing the software logic which will track and record events as you intend. It’s no longer necessary to wait until you’ve made the substantial investment in RFID hardware to begin designing your software solution. CSSI can design RFID software and prove out the solution in advance of RFID hardware installation.

In the video below, we demonstrate an RFID inventory tracking solution in a virtual environment:

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This RFID asset tracking solution employs Android mobile computers and Clearstream RFID middleware, along with custom software developed by CSSI. Note that we can import a floor plan to create a visual representation of your site, mark out where RFID readers will be present, and virtually move inventory within the environment to test the software reaction.

By first modeling the RFID software solution in a virtual environment, we can then transfer to an actual physical workspace with confidence, knowing the RFID system logic is sound.

Potential Applications for Radio Frequency Identification:

  • Asset tracking of high-dollar items
  • Improved inventory visibility and reduced inventory errors caused by missed barcode scans
  • Eliminating the need for human participation in each data acquisition event
  • Reducing lost inventory and improving overall inventory accuracy through an RFID inventory system
  • A much faster periodic and inventory and asset audit or cycle count

What are the Components of an RFID System?

An RFID system will consist of an RFID tag (active or passive) applied to each pallet or asset, RFID reader (handheld scanner or fixed antennna), RFID middleware, and software such as an RFID inventory management system.

CSSI Support for your RFID Tracking Project

CSSI can assist you with all phases of project design, including RFID system design, hardware, custom programming, and selection and sourcing of your passive tag, active tags, and barcode labels with embedded RFID chip.

Please click here to contact CSSI to discuss your potential RFID project.

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