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Hybrid cloud video security from Verkada: smart, scalable, & intelligent

How smart is your security system? We are pleased to introduce a remarkably smart and scalable hybrid cloud video security system from Verkada which can accommodate any number of cameras or sites, with no infrastructure burden. There are no trade-offs in reliability and flexibility. This system is effortless to use, and scales without limit. A personal demo is recommended to see the capabilities of this powerful system in action.

Join one of Verkada’s weekly webinars to see this powerful solution in action! You’ll receive a free YETI tumbler just for attending! Register here.

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The unique features of Verkada hybrid cloud video security include:

  • Scalable for any number of cameras or sites!
  • Includes AI — filter footage for clothing, color, face matches, vehicle make.
  • Event driven — instantly see any moment where people or vehicles were detected in a frame
  • Access any camera from any device, including using the powerful phone app
  • Sharable! Instantly share live camera feeds via SMS – ideal for first responders. Email MP4’s.
  • Easy to connect – all you need is a power over ethernet (PoE) cable. No NVR, DVR, or server required
  • Options backup to cloud
  • 10 year camera warranty!

Bandwidth concerns? No problem. Verkada is one of the most bandwidth friendly solutions on the market and utilizes a hybrid cloud architecture to achieve this. Each camera is equipped with a solid state drive for up to 120 days of retention, and thumbnails and metadata are continuously sent to the cloud. Video footage is sent to the cloud only when being streamed or if cloud backup is enabled. Verkada’s solution enables viewing from any device at any time and is encrypted end-to-end, both at rest and in transit.

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To learn more about this powerful hybrid cloud video security system, please contact us or complete the form at right to schedule a demo.


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