Sanitize Shared Mobile Devices with UV Light

In this COVID-19 era, what is your plan for keeping your shared mobile devices virus and bacteria free? We would like to introduce you to an easy-to-use, no-mess option which yields 99% eradication of microorganisms! You can sanitize shared mobile devices with UV light.

In a large warehouse, as many as 84 operators may handle the same device in a 2-week period!

UV light has been used for decades in healthcare settings. Now we have a form factor which is ideal for the various mobile devices in use in warehousing and manufacturing environments. The UV Clean stand-along unit (pictured below) projects UV light into the entire tray area. Simply deposit one or more devices and let it work:

  • Kills 99.9% of pathogens
  • Automated & customized cleaning cycles
  • Motion-sensor activation
  • Audit capabilities with reports generated
Sanitize shared mobile devices with UV Clean

UV Clean is also available in a mountable configuration ideal for mounting above shared devices such as time clocks.

UV Clean mountable unit

With UV Clean, the UV light covers anything deposited into the provided tray. Perfect for the many oddly-shaped mobile devices in use in your facility. A motion detector will detect when something is inserted, triggering a sanitizing cycle:

Sanitize shared mobile devices in the tray

Just a few of the potential applications of UV Clean include:

  • Disinfection of shared handheld mobile devices and tablets, either daily or at outset of each shift
  • Disinfection of hands-free devices such as headsets and finger scanners
  • Time clock sanitation
  • Security access keypads
  • Visitor log-in computers, or any shared computing stations

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