Introducing CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™

Does your IT team lack Android expertise or sufficient bandwidth to manage a new fleet of Android devices? Are you concerned about security, and wondering how you will keep pace with Android’s rapid evolution? Then meet CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™ , the first program to entirely manage hardware provisioning and operating system upgrades for your Android devices. This is the program for you!

3 ways you benefit from CSSI Device Lifecycle Management™:

  1. Reduces the burden on your internal IT team!
  2. Faster ‘white-glove’ device provisioning, which arrive at your facility ready to turn on and go!
  3. Ensures you minimize security risks by staying in sync with the rapidly iterating Android OS!

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Download the information sheet here: CSSI Device Lifecycle Management

Why work with CSSI for device lifecycle management? Because our team possesses a unique combination of Android device expertise, Mobile Device Management expertise, and real-world implementation experience which will enable us to get you up and running faster, and keep you productive and secure throughout the usable life of your Android devices.

Android Device Lifecycle Management

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